encourageventures is a large network of female investors. We offer diversity, expertise and capital. As investors, mentors and advisors, we support female-led start-ups in their founding and expansion plans. We encourage female founders to realise their own business ideas. We support, inspire and accompany. We exchange ideas and take the next step together.

With our encourageventures network, we want to increase the visibility of women in the startup world and bring more diversity to the startup and investor landscape!


We are a network of high-calibre women from business, science and institutions.


How an #allfemale investment round turned into the idea of an #allfemale network.


We want to bring more diversity to the landscape of founders and investors.

The core team

For us, the desire to make the male-dominated investor and founder landscape more diverse is not just any project, but an absolute heartfelt issue that benefits society as a whole.

Ana Grohnert


Dr. Heike Wemhoff

Female investor support

Laura Seebeck

Event- and Social Media-Management

Vanessa Fischer

Start-up support



Anna Kaiser


Prof. Dr. Heike Marita Hölzner.


Nika Moili

Working student

Alexa Gorman


Britta Bomhard


Olive Lenk

Working student

Stephanie Bschorr


Martina Pfeifer

Education / Academy

Nora Spiekermann

Female investor and start-up management


We want to bring more diversity to the landscape of founders and investors.


We want to encourage female founders and investors to realise their projects.


We want to offer innovative ideas space and opportunities to develop. Because innovation needs diversity.


We connect female founders and investors to share experiences and provide funding.


We want to support female founders in their business ideas holistically and sustainably through mentorship.


How it all began

In October 2020, the high-calibre round of female investors with Ina Schlie, Angie Gifford, Elke Eller, Martina Pfeifer, Stephanie Bschorr invested in Tandemploy. The HR tech start-up decided to sell shares – and quite deliberately exclusively to women. This was also the starting point of encourageventures.


Who we are

The initial idea of Ina Schlie has meanwhile turned into the foundation of encourageventures. The first chairmen of the association are Ina Schlie, former Vice President SAP, Business Angel and multi-supervisory board member and Alexa Hergenröther, management consultant and multi-supervisory board member. In the meantime, however, numerous other top female managers and well-known personalities such as Brigitte Zypries, former German Minister of Economics, Tina Müller, CEO Douglas and Ana-Cristina Grohnert, Chairwoman of the Diversity Charter, have joined the association. Already over 60 great women from the fields of tech, finance, investment banking, corporate management, health, HR, marketing and software enrich our network with expertise, courage and passion.


Who we support

We support start-ups with at least one woman in the founding team in the pre-seed, seed and growth phases with a holistic approach. The focus is not only on financing. Our experts support them in all stages of development from the idea to the IPO in a sustainable, holistic and interdisciplinary way, both financially and through mentoring and coaching.

As an all-female investment network, we not only want to support existing start-ups, but also encourage other women to found a company and think big. In addition, we want to bring together female investors who have great expertise in building and accompanying start-ups as well as high-calibre contacts.

What we want to change

“to encourage” means “to encourage” – and that is exactly what we want to achieve with the network! Our common vision is to encourage more women to start up and to bring more diversity into the start-up and investor landscape.

We want to hear more female voices in the start-up scene, we want to support women who have the “courage” to found a company and we want to increase the visibility of female founders. Because innovation absolutely needs diversity – that’s what we’re standing up for together. We offer female founders and entrepreneurs access to know-how, capital and contacts to implement their ideas and grow faster and more successfully.

Our encourageventures network creates connections and offers a platform for exchange – for female founders and investors. We want to bring women together to complement each other. Already today, at the start, we are networked into many German industrial and executive floors. Let’s rewrite the history of female entrepreneurship together!

We are a network full of innovative power, expertise and creativity. encourageventures – THE female investor network for female founders

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